5BY2 is an independent supplier of automated parking garages.  It was originally establised in the late 1980s as a department of EWW Technische Bedrijven, where the first fully automated garage was delivered in 1992. This garage is still operational.  5BY2 was incorporated into a seperate legal entity in 2003. In January 2013, 5BY2 was sold to its management in a management buy out as the strategic direction of 5BY2 with international ambitions did not match with those of Protechnum, its former parent.

5BY2 has built 30 garages with its technology and is with such number of installations the leading supplier of automated garages in the Netherlands. Its recent ambition is to expand internationally with focus on Europe, Middle East and North America. 5BY2 wants to capitalise on its strong position in the Netherlands and utilise the expertise gained to provide similar high quality automated parking systems.

Through its own maintenance team, it can provide excellent end-to-end services, and with that extremely high availability for the end users.  An area that is often forgotten during the purchase. The investment into an automated parking garage, is a purchase for 20+ years.