The 5BY2 fully automated car park operates on the puzzle-system, not dissimilar in concept to a child's sliding tile puzzle.  It uses individually controlled sliding pallets to manoeuvre each car independently to create a flexible and highly efficient parking and retrieval solution.   

The 5BY2 system has many benefits over other fully automated parking systems: 

It creates the maximum capacity in the minimum space. An average of just 12m2 is required which is a 60% improvement over conventional car parking space requirements, and therefore a capacity gain of more than 200% in the same volume.
It is highly flexible and able to accommodate differing site shapes, sizes and immovable barriers without compromising efficiency.  The footprint of the car park can be varied over multiple floors. 

It is infinitely scalable so the system can be designed for any number of car spaces.  To date the smallest project completed has been for 4 cars, and the largest for 131 cars.  

It can be installed on complete concrete floor slabs, providing safe access to fire and maintenance personnel, or on a steel frame or a combination of both. 
It can charge electric vehicles that are parked in the system.  

It can also, if required, be retrofitted into an existing conventional car park to typically provide a 50% increase in parking capacity.   

Developers can benefit from the tax advantages of accelerated depreciation.  There is the option to utilise lease financing and thereby eliminate equipment capital costs.

The 5BY2 system also has many user benefits:

It turns the act of parking a car into a luxury experience. 

There is minimal waiting time for the car to be retrieved.  Certainly less time than walking to a car in a conventional car park.

The car and contents are entirely secure, with no risk of theft. 

The user area where cars are dropped off and retrieved is safe, there is no worry of retrieving a car from a dimly lit and potentially threatening environment.

The car is not exposed to the possibility of minor damage and scratches that can so easily occur in conventional car parks. 

The spaces can be designed to embrace the latest requirements for disabled and parent and child use. 

See the download section for full technical data.